Meeting of UNHCR Regional Representation on a Pilot...


Meeting of UNHCR Regional Representation on a Pilot Project

Published: 02/16/2018

On February 16 the UNHCR Regional Representation in the South Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia) held a meeting within the pilot project “ Enhancing Quality of Judicial Review of Asylum Cases through provision of quality country of Origin Information (COI) to the Judiciary of Georgia”. The meeting was held at the conference hall “ Lolita” and it was attended by members of HCoJ, judges and administration staff. The meeting was led by a member of HCOJ Irma Gelashvili and deputy head of the UNHCR regional mission Nioko Akasaka. Other speakers of the meeting were Salome Kusikashvili, Nino Kvirkvelia, Archil Avalishvili who covered issues like: court experience of other countries in the direction of information research, role of researchers and other aspects of country of Origin Information research.

The pilot project aims at building capacity of the judiciary by trying to create an internal COI infrastructure. The launch meeting serves as an initial discussion point about scope and limits of COI, internal communication style and accountability of the newly hired COI researchers towards the administrative law judges.

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