Winter School of Justice Opened in Borjomi


Winter School of Justice Opened in Borjomi

Published: 02/23/2018

On February 24, 2018 the Winter School of Justice was opened in Borjomi for the judicial clerks of the common courts system and graduates and post-graduates of law faculties of different universities.  This project is organized with support of HCoJ and the Supreme Court of Georgia with involvement of the following donor organizations: EU4Justice, USAID/PROLoG, UNICEF and UNDP, CoE, UN OHCHR. The aim of the project is to provide students with both theoretical input concerning national and international standards and enhancing practical skills. The following topics will be covered in the frameworks of the course: development of the judiciary of Georgia, independence of the court, communication in the court with the sides, review of the court practice of constitutional and appellate courts, discrimination issues, judicial ethics, human rights approach, restorative justice and issues of alternative resolution of disputes, research and legal writing, judicial system based on “the best interests of the child” approach.

The sessions will be led by representatives of the HCoJ and the Supreme Court of Georgia, invited international and local experts. The course will last for 5 days and it will be concluded by revealing the best student.

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