The Staff of the Supreme Court

Staves of Common Courts of Georgia ensure unrestricted access to the implementation of justice, the study and generalization of judicial practice, analysis of court statistics, as well as other activities in order to improve the efficient functioning of the courts.

The Court Manager exercises his/her duties according to the Georgian legislation and if necessary, within the authority of the Chairperson of the court.

The composition of the Staff of the Supreme Court and the structural units is determined by the Rules of the Staff of the Supereme Court of Georgia and is approved by the Plenum of the Supreme Court.

Structure of the Staff of the Supreme Court of Georgia (in graphics)

Staff of the Supreme Court

Tinatin Bezhashvili The Manager of the Supreme Court - The Head of the Staff 2-98-21-01
Lela Aphakidze Chief Specialist-Secretary 2-92-10-49

Bureau of the Chairman

Ketevan Saginashvili Head of the Bureau  2-98-20-85
Nodar Beridze Chief Consultant 2-92-10-49
Guliko Ortoidze Chief Consultant  2-93-23-08

Public and Media Relations Department

Khatuna Charkviani Chief Consultant 2-93-23-08
Natia Jugeli Chief Consultant – Court Speaker 2-99-91-59

Common Deparment

Shorena Kobakhidze Chief Consultant in Human Resources 2-99-02-86
Zviad Khujadze Chief of the Civil Reception 2-93-12-62
Tea Tavkhelidze Head of Bureau of the Chamber of Civil Cases 2-98-20-97
  Head of Bureau of the Chamber of Administrative Cases  2-99-92-67
  Head of Bureau of the Chamber of Criminal Cases 2-93-57-19
Maia Gugava Chief Consultant of the Disciplinary Chamber 2-99-65-25

Court Practice Research and Generalization Department

Sandro Jorbenadze Head of the Department 2-99-04-18
Rusudan Chanturidze Chief Consultant in Court Practice Research Sector 2-99-71-34
Marina Tsiskarishvili  Consultant, Head of Library  2-93-15-47 

Court Informatization Department

Giorgi Kipiani Chief Consultant in Informatization Sector 2-93-34-78

Department of Finance

  Head of the Department  2-92-18-35
Irma Beritashvili Chief Consultant  - Accountant General 2-98-20-74

Court Mandatures Service

  Head of Court Mandatures Service 2-93-31-74

Analitical Department

Marine Kvachadze Head of the Department 298-20-85
Lia Melashvili Deputy Head of the Department 298-51-72
Lia Mchedlishvili Chief Consultant 293-44-87
Maia Garsidze Chief Consultant 293-44-87
Natia Makhachashvili Consultant 293-44-87
Nino Shonia Chief Consultant  
Eka Mamaladze Chief Specialist  


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